Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 is the year for raw cannabis juicing!

Several new states have now joined Colorado, and Washington in legalizing cannabis for recreational use. Oregon, Alaska, and Washington D.C. will be joining them. And medicinal states are growing by leaps and bounds, we have passed the tipping point on having more medicinal marijuana states than not. This is fantastic, amazing and I see How my struggles, our struggles with getting raw cannabis juice to patient and people wanting to try it, will be getting easier.
But raw cannabis juicing needs you help!
If you are interested in juicing you medicine, having continual access to raw fresh, organic leaves, that are also safe and pesticide free we need you to start talking about it.
Asking questions if you live in medical states and are medical patients, start asking for the big shade leaves, (most growers throw them away along the growing process) If you live in states where legal Cannabis can be grown, ask grower and dispensaries to carry fresh leaves you can juice yourself.
And if you now live in a state where recreationally legal, or medically legal do what you laws allow to grow you own medicine. and Juice it. Growing your own medicine allows you to insure you are getting safe pesticide free raw cannabis.
I have worked on this blog for almost two years now, continuing to share the knowledge of raw cannabis juicing, it's benefits and continue to struggle with how to get patients these vital leaves.
Now, with the new legalization of Hemp in several state in the US, Raw Hemp Leaves can also be used to gain the CBD people want. Remember Cannabis does not activate the THC in the plant, so eating it or drinking it raw, you wont get high.
I started my  40 day raw cannabis juices challenge to see if I felt different. I knew within in days that my body was feeling better. I believe raw cannabis juice it one of the best natural inflammatory on the planet. I pray one day the world will have access to it's benefit.
HAPPY 2015!
Happy raw cannabis juicing.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Let see if we can hit 100,000 view before october!

Thanks to our loyal fans and interested cannabis juicing readers, our little 40 day raw cannabis juice blog is in the top 4 for internet searches on raw cannabis juicing, and we are blessed to get over 100 views per day. So after reading all the Thank you letters from all over the world, for having this blog site for information. THANKs to ALL OF your, our views continue to grow, people continue to gain more and more knowledge on the benefits of raw cannabis juicing. Knowledge is power, and raw cannabis juicing is powerful medicine!Keep reading, keep sharing the info with others, and keep asking your dispensaries, and or friends NOT to THROW AWAY THEIR BIG LEAVES AND RAW buds they often toss! Let you try to raw juice it for your medical issues!
Take cake, Keep Juicing and thanks again for reading!
Almost 100,000 view and going strong.

Friday, August 1, 2014

90,000+ views!!

Thank you to all our readers, and those interested in raw cannabis juicing!
This blog started as a 40 day raw juice challenge, where my hubby and myself  would drink 40 straight days of adding raw cannabis to our diets to see the benefits! There were lots of benefits!
Honestly, having consistent availability to raw product is really the biggest obstacle in staying on a consistent program of juicing. But people with a will, always find a way!!  
Thank You again, for all the support!
WHOO HOOOO we hit over 90,000 views!!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

almost 90,000 views Now! AMAZING!!!

When I started this Blog, it was all about doing 40 day of raw cannabis juicing. And sharing the knowledge, know how and benefits of juicing for 40 straight days with raw cannabis.
Well over a year has gone by, way past the first 40 days. While I honestly will tell you I do not get to use raw cannabis juice everyday, when  I do I feel fantastic. I really believe raw cannabis juice is one of the best natural anti-inflammatory on the plant. So I continued past the 40 days, I kept writing. I kept posting articles from other raw cannabis juicer advocates, and Now my little 40 day blog is close to reaching 90,000 views. As well as read by people all over the world.
So I continue to write and I continue to share other peoples articles. I keep trying to promote the benefits of raw cannabis juicing. I can envision one day, when cannabis is legal, that a person will walk up to the local juice bar and say " a double shot of cannabis juice please!"
Right now raw cannabis juicing is still in the beginning stages of use (in my opinion)
I believe this is really because unless you grow your own cannabis medicine having access to the raw leaves and buds is almost impossible. Now grow your own, and you are set as long as you are growing and have plants free from molds, disease, pests, NO pesticides are a must!!!
If you are interested in raw juicing and you live in a hemp growing country, you can try contacting local hemp farms asking them about donating you raw leaves. No you won't get much if any THC, but we are trying to get both CBD's and THCV acids so hemp leaves are perfect!
If you are really interested but cannot grow your own, you can always ask friends and safe people to share what they normally throw away.
And lastly, If nothing else and you have dispensaries and access to medical cannabis growers ask them to SHARE THEIR LEAVES! please don't throw them away or just compost them. Donate them to patients and local dispensaries for patient to try raw cannabis juicing.
Thank you all for reading! It is a pleasure to write, share other's articles, and give the world as much information on raw cannabis juicing as possible!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Step out of the cannabis closet... and try going green.

We live in a world filled of prescription medication for everything. You can't sleep, there are five kinds of various medications to possibly help you sleep and with what side effects. When you listen to those commercials on television and hear the what seems endless litany of things that can go wrong with you, just to get a night sleep. Don't get me wrong, I suffer from insomnia too but with possible side effects like diarrhea and migraines it doesn't sound worth it to me. I am not trying to make fun of this, it's actually sad to see our societies taking pills to fix all our problems. I believe in medication. I just question the need for fixing everything. We have become such a prescription nation, but here  in the cannabis industry  I see people wanting a better alternative to prescription drugs. I see patients wanting to be able to eat a medicated cookie or vaporize or even better in my opinion drink a shot of raw cannabis juice instead of taking a pill for depression, anxiety, insomnia, PT SD and and many other problems. I hear patients over and over tell me at the dispensary I work at,  "I cannot believe it how well cannabis works for me, it is amazing" And there are so many patients with chronic illness where no medications seem to relieve their terrible symptoms, yet they can find relief with using cannabis. There are many people, doctors included, that believe cannabis should be used  only for those dying or those with chronic issues only. Yes, I agree but I also believe people with nausea, depression, diabetes, MS. PT SD should also have that right. I believe with my heart that when we finally legalize cannabis then and only then will we be able to study and learn how cannabis and its amazing properties can help people with so many aliments. And with side effects, of dry mouth, hunger and red eyes, all which can lesson over time of use. And No one has ever died from over dosing on cannabis. No one.
So why are so many people going green? Here in California its a great options for people who can get a doctor to recommend cannabis to their patients for their illnesses. In cannabis dispensary patients have so many options on how to use cannabis. It is no longer the day of smoking a doobie. Not that a patient can't but, now there are tropical, edibles, dried cannabis flowers, concentrates of hashish and very refined top grade high concentrated oil and cannabis waxes. It is amazing to hear all the stories, and see all the patients that return for a little  more medicine.
With medical marijuana states almost tipping the balance of legal use states verses not, more and more people are wanting and willing to give cannabis a try. and In my humble opinion should give it a try, with the recommendation of a doctor!
So keep reading about all the wonderful ways that cannabis has helped people for over 2000 years, and step OUT OF THAT CANNABIS CLOSET and try GOING with a little green.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

It's raw cannabis juicing season!!

This the season, around northern Cali that the cannabis plants are growing and it's the perfect time for raw cannabis juicing.
Even if this is just your first time growing, in the cannabis community we using all part of the plant even the roots! when possible!
It easy, it makes you feel awesome and full of CBD's!!! That help your body with inflammation, pain, chronic illness and fatigue. Using raw cannabis juice leaves (juicing 20-60 leaves per day for my chronic conditions) I drink the juice three time a day when I am at my peek of juicing.
I add the cannabis leaves with a little fresh juice I already made to help it go down the juicer better.
I keep the concentrated cannabis juice separate and in the fridge (for 24 hours worth of using then I toss it) Side Note! If I don't have time to juice all my veggie and fruits, sometimes I will just use the concentrated canna-juice with ginger beer, other juices, or coconut water.
People often write me asking and very concerned about the high one might feel.
Well, I don't notice it, but I use  cannabis in various forms and have a high tolerance, but most new people while they don't feel high, they do notice some euphoric affects, definite anti-inflammatorant properties, decreased their pain. But Yes, You may feel a little something, My husband says he gets a little "bump" from it... "but it makes me feel great"
What if you don't have leaves?
Good question! Ask your friends and people! You might be surprised in who you know that can help you. and more often people throw away their shade leaves, so they don't mind sharing! and if you can ever pick fresh raw buds, know they are much more concentrated and you probably can start with juicing on or two buds (raw of course.)
I don't' want anyone getting sick, so please read this. cannabis leaves like other vegetable and plants materials; THEY GO BAD, ROTTEN AND SPOIL!!! Please check all leaves and buds for mold, softening or rotting leaves, and ONLY ORGANIC RAW MATIERALS!! (We don't need more chemicals in our bodies)
Lastly!!! Go SLOW, a little goes a long way, and YES! BEFORE I let my precious medicine go to waste... I do juice up my bulk leaves and pour it into ice cube trays and freeze it. While freezing it isn't FRESH it's still raw and once the outdoor growing season is over!! TRUST ME.. You will want your frozen juice for sure!!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I have wrote on the benefits of raw cannabis juicing. I have provided video's, blog articles from other pro raw cannabis juicers, but no matter how hard I try it is almost impossible to get the raw material people need. Having the opportunity to grow myself, while indoors I did have the large amounts of shade leaves for my juicing. I needed to prune my plants leaves so they can get better light, so instead of throwing them away, I juiced it instead. I have provided a video by Dr. William Courtney who provided information on starting your own one light garden for your juicing purposes. But for most people this is not possible or they are well enough to take on a project of this size.
I have read that there are several dispensaries in Mendocino, and Humboldt counties that carry bags of leaves for their patients at a minimum donation. But here in Sonoma County I have not found any growers who want to start a new business supplying leaves.  
I have talked with several local dispensaries who are willing to let me come teach their patients the benefits of raw juicing, but then we have NO LEAVES or product to provide them.
This is very sad and depressing to me. I know people who grow have big shade leaves they throw away... I just need to get them to understand that even these leaves have medical value to patients.
Everyday, I talk with patients on raw juicing. People in the UK have fields of leaves that they now offer to their patients. But here in Sonoma County we are still struggling.
Someone recently told me, "I needed to stop talking about the problem.... and find a solution."
So my plan is this....
1) make flyers for all dispensaries: FOCUSING ON GETTING GROWERS TO SAVE AND SHARE LEAVES.
I believe that the benefits of raw cannabis is still VERY NEW, and so we truly need to spread the word, and get the world to start using their leaves instead of composting them.